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The original Large Format Printer media storage solution

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Available with either 2″ or 3″ diameter prongs, or a combination of both, covering all your large format media storage needs.

Clustarack is available in three sizes – whether you are running one machine or you have multiple machines. Each Clustarack has a metal flat base with fitted prongs allowing you to organise your media, prevent toppling and protect your rolls from damage.
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Space Saving Design

  • No more media rolls lent precariously against walls
  • No need to store rolls horizontally, eliminating flat spots
  • Flat based design, giving 100% protection to your rolls of media

Save Time & Money

  • All media types and roll lengths in one convenient place
  • Holds bare cores for use with take up reels
  • Protects full and part rolls from damage preventing media waste

Protects Media

  • Prevents printhead snags and machine downtime
  • Designed to prevent media falling over if knocked
  • Flat based design, giving 100% protection to your rolls of media


“I bought a Media 24/50 and a Media 12/75,I can honestly say that I know that I have saved time and money by using these racks, we used to stack our rolls in the corner of the office which caused damage to the end of the rolls, this used to cause the printheads to catch the edge of the paper, not anymore, thank you Clustarack”
T.Beard at Pixel Works (running 2 x HP5000 and a Gerber Solara)

“We first bought a Clustarack Media 24/50 a year ago, we print onto a varied range on substrates, this rack enables us to see at a glance what stock we have without even touching the rolls of media, our business has now grown over the last twelve months and we are now using 6 Clustaracks to hold all of our print and finishing media.”
R.Wilcox at The Big IQ (running 2 x HP5500, Roland 540XE and 2 x Seal 62+)

Start storing the smart way

View Clustarack Range